Beauty Room Classic Lashes

Semi Permanent Classic Individual Lash Extensions £40

Classic Lash Infill (2 weeks) £20

Classic Lash Infill (3 weeks) £25

New Semi Permanent Volume Lashes £45 – Introductory Price

Infills from £25

Lash Lift

This is a treatment that lasts up to 6 weeks and makes the most of your own natural lashes. £35

For a limited time you will walk away with the incredible Dream Weave Mascara worth £14

Lash Tint £10

A simple process tinting the lashes to create the mascara effect on your own lashes.


Brow Wax £8

Brow Tint £8

Brow Works £15

The process starts with tinting using Julienne Permanent Tints, the colour will be created and tailored to your preference. A preparatory cleanse and oil before a brow wax (top and bottom of brow) with Gigi Honey Hard Wax.

Using oil and hard wax makes the treatment far less painful as it creates a barrier between the skin and the wax meaning only the unwanted hairs are removed, and the skin is protected.

The next stage is to trim and shape brows and finally cooling gel is applied to the area to reduce any reddening.



Acrylic or Gel Extensions £30

Acrylic or Gel Overlays £25

Acrylic or Gel Infill £25

Gel Polish £20

Glitter and Chromes £1 per nail