Dream Weave & co

Lash Extension Magnet Mascara 


The original Lash Extension Magnet Mascara dubbed “the extension in a tube”.

Lash Construct Magnet Mascara 


Using widelash technology a revolutionary built in root, stem and lash conditioner, which thickens and nourishes the lashes in 15 days.



A one step Direct Bond Fibre Mascara. No Mess No Fuss.  For added volume and length.

Treatment Lash Construct (TLC)


Give your lashes some TLC with this oil free nourishing serum. Perfect for lash extensions as it looks after your natural lashes and protects your extensions giving you more time between your infills.

Lip Voltage 


The original and the most advanced concept in lip plumping to date. From it’s dual outer chamber to it’s single inner chamber fusion meets to create a new hybrid style of lip plumping.

Colourgenics Lip Gloss 


Pink to Red / Pink to Bronze – 7 colour dispensing system in one lip gloss.