Lash Construct Magnet Mascara

This is it! It’s real, and I promise you it is authentic. The picture is of one eye that I have applied Lash Construct Magnet Mascara  by DreamWeave. The other eye is without any mascara. I am sure you will agree the mascara is rather beautiful and it certainly has lengthened my own lashes.

The first time I tried Lash Construct Magnet Mascara was after a trade fair I attended and met the owners of DreamWeave. They explained to me that following on from the success of their original Lash Extension Magnet Mascara they created this incredible product. The main change is that it contains a secret ingredient that actually improves the growth of your natural lash, a special conditioner that nourishes the lashes to give thicker stronger lashes and noticeable results in 15 days.

The mascara itself from it’s first use works to lengthen your own lash with every stroke of the brush. The more you stroke the longer the lashes get as it builds up without clogging your lashes up. The secret is a silky nylon and silicone ingredient which coats each lash. Not only does it weightlessly build on your natural lash without clogging up, it is also smudge and tear proof. I kid you not, you can rub your eyes, you can even have a really good cry – or if you’re like me cry when you laugh, and it will stand strong and dramatic.

Not only that, you can go to sleep having forgotten to remove your makeup and you will wake up with mascara’d eyes and clean bedding. Trust me I have done it on more than one occasion.

This new generation mascara with its flexible wand, awesome staying power and lengthening formula also removes like a dream! Quite simply with any warm water (above body temperature) the mascara will detach itself from your lashes without the scrubbing and rubbing you may have had to do in the past. Any makeup remover – including oil free versions, will also remove the mascara beautifully, which means that your lashes will not damage with any traumatic scrubbing. It is rather a strange sensation at first as the mascara almost looks like a lash on your cotton pad – but trust me it is only the product and not your lash – it’s almost like it has grown a back bone!

This is the daily mascara I use and I love it. For more drama and thickness for a special occasion I use fibregenics….. the review will come shortly.